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French Free Version

French Full Version

Spanish Free Version

Spanish Full Version

German Free Version

German Full Version

Older versions of these apps:

French Full Version

Spanish Full Version

German Full Version

Video about French Grammar Speaking

(Older version)

Video about Spanish Grammar Speaking

(Older version)

These apps were originally part of one big program made for PCs.
The first PC version appeared on the market at the end of the 90.s.
Since then it's gone through lots of changes and improvements.

The program is being used in hundreds of schools in Sweden.
A German version has also been available on shareware pages.

The program is made by Ragnar Suneson

a Swedish language teacher with 40 years of teaching English, German, Spanish and computer science.
I've also worked much with foreign student exchange.

Now that I'm retired developing language programs is just a hobby.
The reason that I first started making language programs was that I thought the quality of such programs was so low.
Most programs were (and still seem to be) made by technicians and not by teachers and are of little value in teaching.

What's better with my program then?

* The exercises are organized. The pupil chooses one specific grammatical category.
* There are 7 different levels of difficulty.
* There are levels for absolute beginners as well as university students.
* The pupils must be active. Not just click on things but also write sentences.
* I've used the program in my own teaching for 15 years with excellent results.

In the international world we now live in I want to spread the program outside Sweden and Germany.
Having converted the PC program into apps makes this possible.

For Tablet

and for Smartphone

The FRENCH apps have 30 exercises with 1850 sentences.
The SPANISH apps have 30 exercises with 2000 sentences.
The GERMAN apps have 46 exercises with 2800 sentences.

There used to be FREE VERSIONS with fewer excercises for each app.
There was really no use for such apps, so they have BEEN REMOVED from Google Play

All the apps work on Phones and Tablets.

You find the Apps on Google Play

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